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Story, values and purpose


Exhayl is a wellness studio offering massage based treatments, reflexology and reiki. Therapies are all based on holistic principles, looking at the body as a whole, treating each client with a unique approach. Energy and intuition play a big part here, there is no one size fits all treatment, no set routine or replicated technique. The purpose of our time together is to provide support to your mental, emotional and physical health.

We cover sleep, stress, stretches, breathing, supplements, exercise and nutrition, and how all of these aspects can benefit your skin and your overall health and wellbeing. You'll often come away with multiple benefits, with the main one being complete relaxation and a feeling of lightness and more balance, hopefully with a clearer purpose of being.









The studio itself is tucked away at the end of a leafy Surrey garden and is designed with neutral and warm colours, natural wood, and soft, comfortable furnishings. The warmth and smell of incense and essential oils instantly switches your mind off from the busyness of life on the outside. Like stepping into a little oasis of calm for an hour or two, giving the reset from modern, busy life we all crave. 


At the core of everything I do I thrive on being able to help people, in whatever way they feel they need support, physically or emotionally. I started on this path after some challenges with my own health, with the goal of acting in a preventative way and not reactive, instilling balance and optimal health to my own life and daily practises. I then built the business based on these foundations, helping others who may find themselves in either a similar situation or times of need and support with their physical, mental or emotional health.

The goal is to make a positive difference in everything I do, and when you come in to see me here in the studio I'm here to hold space for you and to guide and support the path you're on in every way I can, beyond just the set time we have together.

Having worked in various industries over the years my passion and purpose has always been about making people feel better. And of course, when you feel better you naturally look healthier and happier. Everything radiates from the inside, out.

After having my first baby in 2014 I stepped away from the hustle and bustle of city life in London & started my own bridal hair and make-up business with great success over 7 years, enhancing natural beauty through skincare and make-up. The world of weddings was wonderful in many ways, and always a real honour to be present on such a significant day. Giving the gift of confidence and joy with a few small creative changes was truly heartwarming.

My focus however, fairly quickly led to skin, lifestyle and nutrition and how the overall look and longevity of the hair and makeup really all came down to the prep and care, including the stress and emotional toll of the woman as a whole, many months before the wedding day itself.

This led me to train initially in Holistic Facials at a skin school in London and then further complimentary studies such as reflexology, all within the wonderful holistic world of Eastern medicine. I became fascinated  with the chemistry of the skin and body, the sustainability of the beauty world, how incredible plants are in giving us so many wonderful skin and health benefits, wellness as a whole and possibly most notably, how the power of touch could literally make the world of difference to someone.

I closed my bridal business at the end of ‘21 and made this my sole focus. My own personal experiences with my complex gynaelogical health and secondary infertility led me to study further and specialise in womens' health and fertility specifically, alongside other intrinsically linked topics such as gut health, stress and nutrition.


I have written a blog post about my story of trauma, infertility, hope and childbirth. I know so well that this subject can be triggering to many women navigating their own journey so I have listed this on a separate page. If you'd like to read further about my story and how this is so innately connected to my business now, please see the blog post link below.


I really hope to see you in the studio for a gorgeous restorative treatment soon.


Hayley x

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